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Growing up on a ranch in a very rural part of Northern California, George developed a strong love and respect for nature and the environment.  Early on he started a lifelong study of the martial arts.  Jujitsu, Shotokan and Kempo Karate and Kung Fu were featured disciplines and the training began additional  studies in personal energy and energy dynamics.  Greatly influenced by tremendous coaches in his youth, he learned that effective coaching was often the difference between a good year and a championship year.   He volunteered to serve in the military and was accepted into Special Warfare Group and served within the Naval Intelligence community working directly under Michael McConnel, ADM.  There he received some of the best training in special security and operations management available in the world.   After the military George earned degrees in Economics and Business Management and continued managing operations on projects in the Film industry.  He was recruited by HP and worked in Marketing and Global Operations as an internal consultant and Project Manager, working directly with companies like Tyco, Symantec, Dunn & Bradstreet and Deloit and Touch.  His duties included complex multi-level projects in multiple geographies.  He served as a PM on the HP Compaq merger, the largest in corporate history.  After the merger, George opted to start consulting for small companies and start-ups, growing them in record time.  In the case of one statewide Payroll and staffing company, he took them from $150M to $360M in less than a year.  He has taken companies national and developed start-ups from concept to acquisition, negotiating the purchase for millions of dollars.  He is still called upon to consult in several fields including business and security for global companies and A-List talent.   It was during the economic crash that George saw firsthand the power of coaching.  He had been incorporating executive coaching into his consulting engagements to support the professional growth of the teams with which he was working.  His coaching clients consistently experience greater control over their lives, new and exciting opportunities, better relationships personally and professionally, and most important the fulfillment and joy in everything they do.

Coaching For A Wonderful Life

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