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Personal Coaching:

​My Coaching Program is designed to provide you with tools and training you’ll need to set and achieve the goals that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.  Power Coaching provides the focus, training, techniques and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results that will create the life you desire.  Just like an athletic trainer helps athletes raise their  standards and increase results in their bodies and abilities, I will challenge and support you to gain the results you desire and deserve in your life.

Executive Coaching:

This program is designed for professionals and business leaders.  We begin by defining with crystal clarity the results that you desire.  Focus is power.  Imagine what you can accomplish with crystal clear focus and your business, people and energy unified in the direction of your goals.

Business Coaching:

​We will identify where you want your business to be, how it will perform and what it will look like.  We will design the culture and help it to grow.  We will develop the people and resources that will make it work and celebrate every victory as it grows and becomes more powerful.   As your coach I will help identify the things that keep you from achieving the results you desire, and then help you create a game plan that not only works, but will serve as an amazing road to personal discovery.  The coaching plan is the path to your personal and professional power.   The power to take control of your business and lead.

My unique background and experience qualifies me to provide a variety of services.  Weather you want to identify your life purpose and start on the path to achieving it or start a new business venture or accelerate the growth of your current business, I am ready and able to support you on the exciting journey of discovery and success. 


Business Consulting:

Identifying areas for improvement, developing a plan of action, developing resources and implementing innovative strategies to bring record breaking growth and to your business.


Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning:

Programs designed to identify potential threats and opportunities well before they begin to affect your business.  More and more information is available through big data and market intelligence.  This is the science of strategic decision making through the effective collection and analysis of this data.  

Contract Negotiation and Administration:

Negotiating agreements with vendors, manufacturing, distribution channels and

partners, mergers and acquisitions and licensing agreements.

Management Effectiveness Coaching:

The Power of Business Coaching Combined With Human Analytics Equates To Dynamic Results.  Realize the full potential of your most valuable resource, YOUR PEOPLE!


Sales Management Coaching: 

A program designed specifically to address the unique challenges faced by sales and marketing professionals. 

 ~ Building trust and credibility through knowing and communicating core values.
 ~ Identifying the motivating factors inherent in the buying decision.
 ~ Matching desired outcomes with solutions through key communication and presentation techniques.
 ~  Build consensus to gain agreement.
 ~ Build long-term relationships and develop new leads.





Regardless of the methodology you use to get them, the only thing that matters is that you achieved the results you desire.

I have taken entrepreneurs and their ideas and developed them into multimillion dollar businesses.  My coaching clients make radical life changing progress identifying and achieving their life  and professional goals time and time again.  My marketing clients enjoy 2 to 10 times the return they believed possible. 

If you are interested in getting POWERFUL RESULTS then contact me and let's discuss where you are and where you want to be.

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