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“ I whole heartedly recommend George to help guide one in the process of results-oriented introspection.  His uniquely genuine combination of healing kindness paired with on-point strategic thinking is rare.  I recommend his methods of support for any individual wishing to accelerate in the corporate environment. ”

     ~ Kassandra H., Global Strategy Manager for fortune 100 companies

"I had 5 hours of freedom from anxiety before I went to bed yesterday. Those were my first experiences of such freedom in months. Months! I had a peaceful night's sleep and my mind did not bring up problems for mt to solve. Amazing! Wish I had known about you years ago."

     ~ Carol D., Business Development Consultant


"There is no one on the planet that I would rather have on this project."
     ~ Steve M., President of Production DreamWorks

"When I started working with George, I appreciated his work ethic and qualities, but it wasn’t until I faced the economic reset of 2009 that I understood just how effective he is.  In one of the toughest times of my life, George walked in and sat down with me and my family.  He coached us through the tough time and not only reminded me of my strengths, but suggested how I could use them to rebuild.  Then he started to work with me on HOW to rebuild.  Before he was done, I was on the phone with an idea for a new company.  He built a business plan for me that has become a 60 person company in less than two years and continues to grow.  I could say that you would be smart to work with George, but the truth is, you owe it to yourself, your company and your people to make him your management consultant."
     ~ Terry R., President Iron Mechanical


“George does an amazing job of incorporating the organizational goals and strategies into every day policies/procedures, team training and overall company culture. He takes my business concerns seriously and seems to have a simple solution to every challenge. He also acts as an objective sounding board and proponent for change when it is required. My employees find George easy to relate to - and the level of honesty and respect he demonstrates really encourages them open up to their true potentials. George’s training sessions are always well-prepared, on target, easy to understand and thought provoking. I wouldn’t trust my company’s greatest assets (the people) to anyone else.”
     ~ Traci P., Spectrum Properties

"George's Projects typically come in exactly on time and exactly to plan."
     ~ Gregory Y., Global Supply Chain Manager Hewlett-Packard.

“George was amazing - he knew exactly what he was doing and was very helpful. I had never done sales before so he performed really simple sales demonstrations and made me feel like I could do them too. I also got a lot out of the behavioral assessments that he and Kat did for us, they were really interesting and helped me learn a lot about myself and how I fit into my new position. They made me feel comfortable throughout the process.”
     ~ Tina M., TL Employee

"George Kat at Crystal Clear Consulting, have helped us implement many operational procedures, as well as streamline our organization, and the related tools and processes. All in all, they have helped us run so much more efficiently. CCC helped us develop a strong internet presence helping us draw in new clients, as well as the beginning stages of providing customer service and operations interaction online. They changed the way our office and supervisory staff interacts, with tools that promote task tracking and accountability, as well as an improved contact management solution. I would recommend their services to any business, regardless of size. You will wonder how you got along without them."
     ~ Jim H., Star Industries


"If you are starting a new company or expanding an existing one and you can only hire two people to help you do it, hire Geroge Cassell twice."
     ~ Van R., CalCall Systems

"George helped me take my idea from a drawing board and managed multiple projects to develop it into a patented tool which improved a 60 year old process.  Once we took it to market, he negotiated the deal between my corporation and Capital Southwest on the acquisition of the patented tool. He stood against a full compliment of corporate attorneys and patent lawyers, negotiating an unprecedented royalty stream and cash patent purchase. He has global manufacturing talents that exceed his years in the industry and a vision of success regardless of the size of the task at hand.  I would say with all confidence that Mr. Cassell is a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world."
     ~ William A., President WTG Inc.

"George Cassell has developed and implemented numerous systems which have vastly improved our operations, efficiency, and profitability. He has a broad base of knowledge, excellent relevant experience, an open mind, and a refreshing positive attitude. George can help any business."
     ~ Brent L., CEO Business Law Ventures, P.C.


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