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Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning

Without Clear Understanding of Your Competition and Your Environment, Decision Making is a Guess.

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the identifying, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors and the environment to support executives and managers in making strategic decisions for an organization.  The focus is on the external business environment and preparing strategies to address potential threats or exploit opportunities.   Some CI professionals erroneously emphasize that if the intelligence gathered is not usable (or actionable) then it is not intelligence. A more accurate definition of CI regards it as the organizational function responsible for the early identification of risks and opportunities in the market before they negatively affect business or are exploited by the competition.  Experts also call this process the early signal analysis. 


Business Coaching and Strategic Consulting

Access to data is useful, knowing what to do with it is power.
Realize the full potential of your most valuable resource, YOUR PEOPLE!

A key element of Management Effectiveness Coaching is the education of key managers within your organization in the use of high powered effectiveness and communication techniques based on matching the goals of the individual with the goals of the company and bridging skill gaps effectively and efficiently through training and development.

Management Effectiveness Coaching

The Power of Business Coaching Combined With Human Analytics Equates To Dynamic Results.

The Management Effectiveness process is a combination of Employee Assessment, education and consulting.  The Management Effectiveness process is a managerial assessment tool that provides insight into the natural workplace processes and behaviors of prospective and existing employees — resulting in improved hiring decisions, team performance, overall communication, and workforce productivity.

When to use it:

​  ~ Recruiting and Selecting                ~ Conflict Resolution                         ~ Retention     

  ~ Behavioral Interviewing​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​                 ~ Performance Management           ~ Team Building   

  ~ Coaching and Mentoring               ~ Leadership Development              ~ Succession Planning
  ~ Increasing Sales Performance      ~ Increasing Influencing Ability​  

Succession Planning / Leadership Coaching
Ensuring that your leadership choices are supported in every way.

​The transition from successful Individual Contributor to successful leader takes more than acquiring leadership skills; it takes a fundamental shift in mind set. From that point, each successive leadership role will not only require a shift in mind set but a fundamental shift in how the leader leads.  Succession Planning/Leadership Coaching was developed to address this issue. 

Succession planning at the CEO-level and beyond is serious business. 

In a letter to Apple's board when Steve Jobs resigned as chief executive, he wrote "I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple."  The consequences of failing to plan succession for the CEO position may be obvious, and most companies have recognized, they cannot afford to fail at it, however, many middle management levels are often overlooked with disastrous consequences. 

Business Development, Marketing and Sales Management Coaching

A program designed specifically to address the unique challenges faced by sales and marketing professionals. 

If you want to be able to generate more high quality customers who are excited to work with you and happy to pay for your products and services, then you will want to learn the methods and techniques that have enabled our clients to increase their customer base by 200% to 1000%. 

Have you seen how struggling overwhelmed small businesses are searching for ways to bring new customers, but may not have the millions of dollars necessary to hire the big advertising and consulting firms and take advantage of the standard marketing and advertising methods?  The truth is that dollar for dollar these small companies are in better position to gain market share and increase profits than the big companies.  Using our tested and proven techniques and training even the smallest company can get 5 to 10 times the return they believe possible on their marketing dollars.

An assessment and development program put in place now, may head off a real crisis in leadership in only a few years.  Mentoring and coaching programs, using senior workers to help bring newer workers up to higher levels in skill and responsibility, are increasingly popular, but mentors must be carefully selected and trained in the art of mentoring/coaching.  Recognizing this complex set of challenges, some organizations have begun to systematically identify areas that are not in their core competencies, such as coaching and begin to outsource this responsibility to experts like myself.

To determine if your company may be at risk, ask yourself these questions:
1. How many of the people doing middle management work are 50 or over?
2. What is the average time an employee is with you?
3. Who will replace them?
4. How will you identify the replacements?
5. What will you need to do to prepare them?

My program is designed to assist new leaders in developing core values, time and energy management, and leadership skills for their specific role. At each leadership Level, a leader will experience varying challenges and demands.  The focus of this Program is to help close the gap in transition from one level to the next and provide guidance for new leaders freeing up Senior members to enjoy retirement or any new venture that they are drawn to pursue.  Contact me for a FREE Succession Exploration Session to determine the best course of action for your company's future.​

Weather managing a sales organization or just interested in increasing your own numbers the Marketing and Sales resources I provide can be an asset to growing your business.  I provide a Core Value Selling System consisting of:


1.  Building trust and credibility through knowing and communicating core values.
2.  Identifying the motivating factors inherent in the buying decision.
3.  Matching desired outcomes with solutions through key communication and presentation techniques.
4.  Build consensus to gain agreement.
5.  Build long-term relationships and develop new leads.

Contact me for a FREE review of your current marketing program and find out how much more you could be making.

This definition focuses attention on the difference between dissemination of widely available factual information (such as market statistics, financial reports, newspaper clippings) performed by functions such as libraries and information centers, and competitive intelligence which is a perspective on developments and events aimed at yielding a competitive edge.  The term Competitive Intelligence is often viewed as synonymous with competitor analysis, but competitive intelligence is more than analyzing competitors—it is about making the organization more competitive relative to its entire environment and stakeholders: customers, competitors, distributors, technologies, and macroeconomic data.  I use my unique background in intelligence and strategic planning to bring businesses access to this incredibly powerful process.  The results have been stagering including record breaking growth and market penetration, along with, world class results in production, innovation and contract negotiations.

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